Legal aid data

Civil representation

Civil Representation is representation by solicitors and barristers for civil cases, which could go to court. Many legal help cases will extend to civil representation with full investigations undertaken or in court representation given although it is possible enter straight into civil representation.

See Legal aid statistics quarterly for further information.

Total volume of applications received for civil representation.

Total volume of certificates granted including grants for emergency certificates for civil representation. Grants are shown against the period in which the decision was made and recorded ("decision-based timing").

Certificates completed for civil representation.

Volume of civil representation closed cases met by LAA.

With effect from April 2013, the LASPO Act removed legal aid for most private family law including issues such as contact or divorce. However, legal aid remains available for such cases where there is a risk of domestic violence or child abuse.

Applicants are granted legal aid funding for these cases if they can prove the incidence or risk of domestic violence or child abuse through a range of prescribed forms of evidence.