Contracted services

Some services have never been provided directly by the Department and have always been procured. In addition, the Department has renewed and renegotiated a number of contracts for areas of work that were outsourced prior to the creation of the Ministry of Justice. At any one time there are over one hundred procurement projects underway. Some examples of major procurement projects undertaken by the department include but are not limited the following:

Contracted services overview

Electronic monitoring

At March 2021 (source).

BASS referrals by type

At March 2021 (source).

Electronic monitoring was introduced in 1999 to support the police, courts, prisons and wider justice system in England and Wales.

It is a way of remotely monitoring and recording information on an individual’s whereabouts or movements, using an electronic tag which is normally fitted to a subject’s ankle. The tag transmits this information, via a base unit installed in a subject’s residence, to a monitoring centre where it is processed and recorded in case management systems. Staff in the monitoring centre review this information to see whether an individual is complying with the conditions of their curfew or other electronically monitored requirement. Where a subject is not complying, the electronic monitoring provider either acts on this information themselves or provides it to the relevant authority to take the necessary enforcement action.

The figures for 31 March 2019 onwards include details of those on location monitoring tags, which were introduced in November 2018.

Electronic monitoring caseload


31 Mar 2021



31 Mar 2021

Court sentence


31 Mar 2021

Post release


31 Mar 2021



31 Mar 2021



31 Mar 2021

Electronic Monitoring service performance of service level measures - national performance.

Note performance relates to the service delivery of radio frequency tags only. It does not include the delivery of the GPS service.

The testing of EMS March 2020 data was significantly affected by COVID-19. The access to the EMS systems to test the data due to the lockdown was not possible initially and afterwards very limited. It was agreed in April by members of the Contract Accountability Meeting (CAM) to accept EMS's provisional figures for March 2020.

Bail Accommodation and Support Services (BASS) provide accommodation to offenders from courts, offenders from custody and offenders referred by Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs). These offenders are placed in BASS-owned properties when they do not have a permanent place to live.

Referrals are made by prison establishments, courts, community rehabilitation companies (CRCs) or youth offending teams.

The BASS contract was provided by Stonham until June 2018 and then NACRO from June 2018 onwards. As the contracts overlapped, there may be a small number of duplicate referrals.

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