Incidents at height

The number of incidents at height in prisons. An incident at height is defined as any incident taking place at height above or below ground level. This category can come in many forms including prisoners on the netting, climbing over bars or on the roof.

This measure is part of the safety & order section of prisons data. The data source is HM prison and probation service annual digest.

YearIncidents at height


  • Data is not always available for, or applicable to, every prison; and the list of prisons will vary year on year due to closures and newly opened establishments.
  • Prison functions (Male Local etc.) refer to the function of the prison in the most recent year shown. The function of a prison may have been different in previous years.
  • A small number of prisons which are listed separately in the above table are physically co-located and cannot be distinguished on the map.
  • The markers on the map are indicative only. For further information on a prison, or for details of a prison's location, please consult the Ministry of Justice prison finder.
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