Releases (quarterly)

A release is defined as a release from prison where the prisoner has finished serving the custodial term of their sentence(s) and excludes:

  • civil non-criminal prisoners;
  • persons committed to custody for non-payment of a fine;
  • releases to hospital;
  • deported prisoners from HMPPS operated Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs); and
  • releases following recall after release on licence, except occasions:
    • where the offender has committed a new offence and is committed to custody for a new sentence and the subsequent release date falls after the sentence expiry date of the original sentence; or
    • where upon release the offender is subject to the licence condition of the new custodial sentence.

The data source for this measure is offender management statistics quarterly.

YearReleases (quarterly)
Apr-Jun 201915,708
Jan-Mar 201915,432
Oct-Dec 201817,215
Jul-Sep 201817,136
Apr-Jun 201817,369
Jan-Mar 201817,904
Oct-Dec 201718,196
Jul-Sep 201717,897
Apr-Jun 201717,763
Jan-Mar 201717,639
Oct-Dec 201618,361
Jul-Sep 201618,714
Apr-Jun 201618,562
Jan-Mar 201617,923
Oct-Dec 201519,348
Jul-Sep 201518,880
Apr-Jun 201518,526
Jan-Mar 201517,797

Apr-Jun 2019


  • Data is not always available for, or applicable to, every prison; and the list of prisons will vary year on year due to closures and newly opened establishments;
  • Prison functions (Male Local etc.) refer to the function of the prison in the most recent year shown. The function of a prison may have been different in previous years;
  • A small number of prisons which are listed separately in the above table are physically co-located and cannot be distinguished on the map;
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