Terminations of suspended sentence orders

A period of Suspended Sentence Order probation supervision which comes to an end because the order has been completed successfully, because the order has been breached and terminated early for negative reasons (such as failing to comply with requirements) or because of some other reason, such as the order being quashed by the court or because the offender has died.

This measure is part of the offender management section of probation data. The data source is offender management statistics quarterly.

YearTerminations of suspended sentence orders
Jan-Mar 20199,105
Oct-Dec 20188,938
Jul-Sep 20189,582
Apr-Jun 20189,461
Jan-Mar 20189,738
Oct-Dec 20179,304
Jul-Sep 20179,604
Apr-Jun 20179,185
Jan-Mar 20178,911
Oct-Dec 20167,766
Jul-Sep 20167,925
Apr-Jun 20167,879
Jan-Mar 20168,801
Oct-Dec 20159,207
Jul-Sep 20159,720
Apr-Jun 20159,567
Jan-Mar 20159,916
Oct-Dec 20149,796
Jul-Sep 20149,639
Apr-Jun 20148,755
Jan-Mar 201410,006
Oct-Dec 20139,742
Jul-Sep 201310,044
Apr-Jun 201310,315
Jan-Mar 201310,896
Oct-Dec 201211,110
Jul-Sep 201211,820
Apr-Jun 201211,248

Percentage of terminations of suspended sentence orders (Jan-Mar 2019)

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