Plan completion - licence (CRC SCH9 SL004R)

The percentage of allocated persons of the contractor released from custody on licence for whom the contractor has reviewed any existing plan and completed a plan for in accordance with Schedule 7 OM8 within 10/15 business days after the date that the allocated person attends his first appointment with the contractor.

This measure is part of the CRC performance section of probation data. The data source is community performance quarterly MI.

YearPlan completion - licence (CRC SCH9 SL004R)
Jan-Mar 1989%
Oct-Dec 1895%
Jul-Sep 1896%
Apr-Jun 1896%
Jan-Mar 1894%
Oct-Dec 1795%
Jul-Sep 1795%
Apr-Jun 17

CRC SCH9 SL004R year to date

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