Terminations of community orders

A period of Community Order probation supervision which comes to an end because the order has been completed successfully, because the order has been breached and terminated early for negative reasons (such as failing to comply with requirements) or because of some other reason, such as the order being quashed by the court or because the offender has died.

This measure is part of the offender management section of probation data. The data source is offender management statistics quarterly.

YearTerminations of community orders
Jan-Mar 201917,335
Oct-Dec 201816,962
Jul-Sep 201817,714
Apr-Jun 201818,075
Jan-Mar 201818,768
Oct-Dec 201718,561
Jul-Sep 201719,027
Apr-Jun 201718,873
Jan-Mar 201719,397
Oct-Dec 201616,490
Jul-Sep 201617,461
Apr-Jun 201617,520
Jan-Mar 201618,195
Oct-Dec 201519,486
Jul-Sep 201521,364
Apr-Jun 201522,424
Jan-Mar 201522,246
Oct-Dec 201421,673
Jul-Sep 201422,349
Apr-Jun 201420,768
Jan-Mar 201424,140
Oct-Dec 201322,536
Jul-Sep 201324,087
Apr-Jun 201325,100
Jan-Mar 201326,423
Oct-Dec 201227,535
Jul-Sep 201229,784
Apr-Jun 201228,638

Percentage of terminations of community orders (Jan-Mar 2019)

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