Response to risk escalation (NPS SL011)

This Service Level monitors the NPS response to risk escalation. A proportion of risk escalations are managed outside the case management system, and the results of these are not available to report on. The coverage relative to the total number of actual risk escalations across the country is variable. Best practice is that where coverage of a measure falls below 60% it will not be published; however, it is not possible to calculate the number of unrecorded risk escalations based on available data, so actual coverage is not known. Due to the issues with data coverage, it is not possible to report actual performance, but in the interests of transparency and the importance placed on this service, the rate of timely response to risk escalation where data are known has been included here.

The data source for this measure is community performance quarterly MI.

YearResponse to risk escalation (NPS SL011)
Apr-Jun 1998.4%
Jan-Mar 1998.9%
Oct-Dec 1897.6%
Jul-Sep 1897.6%
Apr-Jun 1894.2%
Jan-Mar 1898.7%
Oct-Dec 1797.4%
Jul-Sep 1797.4%
Apr-Jun 1796.1%

NPS SL011 year to date