Contractor delivery of unpaid work requirement (CRC SCH9 SL010)

The percentage of positive completions of unpaid work requirements by allocated persons of the contractor and designated retained persons in a month where that allocated person or designated retained person is subject to a community order, supervision default order or suspended sentence order that contains an unpaid work requirement and where that allocated person has not been recorded as a negative completion for Service Level 8.

This measure is part of the CRC performance section of probation data. The data source is community performance quarterly MI.

YearContractor delivery of unpaid work requirement (CRC SCH9 SL010)
Jan-Mar 1990%
Oct-Dec 1889%
Jul-Sep 1889%
Apr-Jun 1888%
Jan-Mar 1888%
Oct-Dec 1789%
Jul-Sep 1787%
Apr-Jun 1788%

CRC SCH9 SL010 year to date

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