Priority of arrangement of unpaid work (CRC SCH9 SL006R)

The percentage of allocated persons of the contractor and designated retained persons with an unpaid work requirement in a month that have had unpaid work arranged for that applicable person by the contractor in accordance with Schedule 7 OSR 7 no later than 7 calendar/businessdays after the date of allocation or assignment of that applicable person to the contractor.

The data source for this measure is community performance quarterly MI.

YearPriority of arrangement of unpaid work (CRC SCH9 SL006R)
Apr-Jun 1982.7%
Jan-Mar 1983.9%
Oct-Dec 1882.8%
Jul-Sep 1888.7%
Apr-Jun 1891.4%
Jan-Mar 1890.4%
Oct-Dec 1789.9%
Jul-Sep 1789.1%
Apr-Jun 17

CRC SCH9 SL006R year to date