Breach referral timeliness (CRC SCH9 AE)

The percentage of alleged breaches of a community order, suspended sentence order, post sentence supervision period or supervision default order by an allocated person of the contractor referred to the authority in accordance with Schedule 7 OM27 or OM28 and Schedule 10 paragraph 4(c) for breach presentation within 8 business days after the contractor becoming aware of the alleged breach occurring.

The data source for this measure is community performance quarterly MI.

YearBreach referral timeliness (CRC SCH9 AE)
Apr-Jun 1992.1%
Jan-Mar 1992.7%
Oct-Dec 1886.9%
Jul-Sep 1888.2%
Apr-Jun 1889.0%
Jan-Mar 1890.5%
Oct-Dec 1790.1%
Jul-Sep 1789.8%
Apr-Jun 1786.6%

CRC SCH9 AE year to date